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"Want to kill some specks - get in touch with Ben Williams at FishDog Outdoors. Want to make a trip with somebody who knows how to hunt specks and has the place, equipment and skills to do it - get in touch with Ben Williams. Want to deal with somebody who is brutally honest about what he can provide and what you can expect get for your money - get in touch with Ben Williams. I know Ben, hunted with him, did decoys with him, grassed blinds with him, stayed at his camp and bumbed cigarettes from him - he is hard core - If your looking for a trip or spot to hunt I would seriously recommend that you contact Ben Williams at FishDog Outdoors - he's the real deal ....."

Nathan Wright
Five Time World Calling Champion.
Hemphill TX.

Bob Heightman_edited.jpg

"Four of us were less than two hours into a clear, calm January, 2010 morning hunt. Our guide, Ben Williams, had just sent his fully trained lab, Trouble, four hundred yards for our sixteenth, and final, prime Specklebelly Goose. The birds had come in cupped and webbed to Ben's ace calling, flock after flock. Thought and innovation rule this state of the art hunt – in decoys, camo, blinds and calling, that words simply can't describe (one secret of Ben's; to put the major hurt on smart Specks you've got to think like one – 365 days of the year). Most of all, Ben is friendly, honest and reliable. Excellence is only a baseline for this guide."

Dr. Bob Heitman
Lewiston, Calif.


Three time Hall of Fame Inductee Dee Thomas writes:


"I have known Ben for almost 30 years. We have fished and traveled together all over the state. Ben is without a doubt, one of the premier structure fisherman in CA. On top of that, he understands bass better than 90% of the bass fishermen in CA. He always catches fish, even when it's tough. When it comes to guiding he's a head above the rest. He has a great rapport with his customers. And his customers come first. His ethics and honesty are top of the line and a rarity now days. Ben is undeniably, "the real deal." He has earned my hearty endorsement."

Dee Thomas
California Sportsmen's Hall of Fame
Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
Pro Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Steve Dalcin.jpeg

"I've been hunting and fishing with Ben and his crew at Fishdog for 3 seasons now. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in waterfowl hunting or bass fishing. I've been on many guided hunts in my 38 years of waterfowling. Never have I had guides that go the extra mile like Ben and his guides to make the hunt as enjoyable as possible. Experienced guides, excellent callers, well trained dogs and good times in the blind, that's what it's all about. The bass fishing is "OFF THE HOOK!" If you want BIG bass and lot's of em' Ben is the man to fish with. Looking forward to another season with Fishdog."

Steve Dalcin


"If you want to witness top professional guides that can flat out put specks in your face, call Ben. If you want the total experience that includes world class retrievers and the best equipment available, call Ben. If your looking for proven results call Fishdog Outdoors, you won’t be disappointed."

Ken White 5X California State and World Speck Calling Champion

Bret Crowe.jpg

"I personally, have both hunted and fished with Ben Williams of Fishdog Outdoors. And to continually perfect his craft, Ben puts forth tireless effort into the small details. Everything is top knotch, from decoys, calling, and concealment. He and his team are constantly adapting with the conditions, to ensure success. If you are looking for a fishing experience, you won't find a better angler/fishing guide to help you catch a bass of a lifetime. Ben has decades of experience, and possesses an uncanny ability to locate and catch world class fish. With Fishdog Outdoors, you can book a hunting or fishing trip with confidence, knowing you will have a first class experience."

Bret Crowe

J.J. Lares Co.

Duck and Goose Calls

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